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Nedyalko Jekov


Born in Bourgas, Bulgaria - Nedyalko Jekov graduated the local " Cyril and Methodiy" art school and pursued his studies in the field of iconography at the Veliko Tarnovo University " Cyril and Methodiy".

The freskoes included in the Zograff gallery feature amoung others: St. Marina, St. Arch. Michael, St. Nedelya and St. Petka.
Nedyalko Jekov's frescoes at the Conference Hall of the Veliko Tarnovo Bishop's Residence featuring in the new gallery are St. Kiprian Kievski, St. Evtimiy Tarnovski, St. Theodossiy Tarnovski, St. Roman Tarnovski and St. Philotea Tarnovska.

Nedyalko Jekov can be reached at :

Nedyalko Jekov
Cx: Slavejkov bl.10 vh.A et.12
Bourgas 8000
Tel: +359 56 681869