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The "St. St. Cyril and Methodiy" University is situated in the medieval capital town of Veliko Tarnovo. The city's strong tradition in fine arts, supreme cultural ambience and architecture attract a number of young talented artists from the whole country. It's the only place on the Balkans and even Europe where Orthodox Iconography and Wall Painting are studied, the studies being conducted under the direction of Prof. Lyuben Prashkov. The frescoes included in this site are painted in the chapel of the Veliko Tarnovo University by five young authors - students in the Orthodox Wall-Painting Specialty.

The technique is dry fresco. The pigments used are produced by Bayer and by Schminke, combined through acrylic solution Dyo. The base is a three layer lime daub, the surface layer being 1:3 lime:sand.

The authors can be contacted for information and orders at these addresses.